Can it get any worse?

Trust is easily broken, hard to get back. Human nature does not want us to trust ever. It is a safeguard to keep from getting hurt. That is no way to live, we have to understand that trust belongs to God first, and from there we love, live, and then overall wellness comes.

We are preached to constantly about “Letting go, and letting God.” Being grateful every day, showing love and being positive. It is all true, but this flesh……Human experience is REAL……& there is not a guide for instructions to cheat. God is true and faithful.  I had to be reminded by the Holy Spirit that I was trusting in myself and other people before God. I have to learn to trust God, my Lord, and savior. I say to myself “how many times do I need to be reminded of what I already know!!” That is because everyday is new and sometimes the trial is different and the enemy uses a new formula. However, God is the same, trusting him to handle it does not change because the circumstances changed or has gotten a little/lot harder.


I do not believe in writer’s block. I believe for myself; when the words come as God places them in my heart, then it is time to write. I keep a pen, paper, and I utilize my voice memos. Writing is truly my passion, but not just writing random stuff. I believe my story—the story of others and the real life struggles are to be written and shared. Shared because people who do not realized they have a voice in life yet needs that story of perseverance and endurance. It becomes inspiring and we save lives. The people in the Bible lived thousands of years ago, however, when you study the word you will find your struggle in one of these many people of the Bible. Within that story it is a solution; a solution on how we win every single time. How the enemy hates us, but through our faith we overcome. Every way possible we have to fight and stand firm. Jesus has overcome this world. You win.

My last blog post was June 2016. I have written here and there and posting to social media. I also have been working on some small projects.

Somewhere within that year, I lost hope in my dream. Well…not hope as much as questioning if this was really what I was supposed to be doing. I was not nurturing it ( my writing) at all. However, I never stopped desiring it. I looked around at everyone else achieving their dreams, and I was truly inspired. I have it in the palm of my hands, and I asked God to help me where I stand. Then I find myself asking him if I was in over my head? Was this really what I should be doing? I even entertained the thought of finding anything else to have passion about, because maybe this is what I want, but not what I should be doing.

Then I said it. I am not passionate about anything else. Nothing. Why couldn’t I have been a lawyer or engineer? LOL, I want to write. I not only want to write; I need to write. I desire my words in all my transparency to help bring awareness, love, health, wellness, inspiration, and so much more. It is all I want to do. Sharing my words is the foundation of a business I am developing. My brand is not just books and blogs…words open the door for many, many things. Words impact people lives.

During this past year, I didn’t have a word to share, and that frightened me. My faith began to be a little shaky as well. I had been hurt and disappointed by people I loved so much, including myself.

I wish I could say that I am above the temptation to sin. I wish I could say that I hate fear and reject satan’s tempting voice all the time. I wish I could say that I always see the dangers of sinful rebellion and run in the other direction. Being authentic with my story; I have to admit I do not always say those things, and I doubt you can either. I nurse grudges sometimes because I  like the self- righteous superiority. I snap and bark irritable words, enjoying the adrenalin rush….but judge me not. These are the times of my life when the Holy Spirit convicts me, and I know the next time I have to do better. I know that I am forgiven, and grace and mercy are blessings that we have new everyday.

Basically, I was driving myself crazy with not trusting or moving. I wondered “Where did that woman who was so inspired two years ago disappear too?” I miss her tenacity because I feel weak.

Wounded emotion and scars for me are the hardest to overcome. That is when I realized I have to trust God a lot more than what I was doing. I knew better, there was a part of me that still yearned to be able to have trust in human nature including myself to be and do the right thing all the time in every situation; most of all to not hurt other people.

SO…this year included a setback in a special relationship with my best friend. He was a man that changed the dynamic of my view for love, relationships and devotion, a man that even though it did not work I will always love in some fashion. It was a life lesson. The beautiful woman who raised me died and I was not even aware she was suffering or sick. I hadn’t seen her, and living my life I was always too busy for a phone call.  Living as a single parent became overwhelming as my children are stepping into teen life and my oldest going to college.Work life was demanding, and I was tired. My health began to fail as my blood pressure was normal for 200/110. Loneliness was a frequent companion. Where was my inner happiness? My inner joy? I know better than all this negativity! I feel like I need to be isolated and retreat. We all feel that. <——Trick from the enemy!

I could easily say that 2016-17 could be the worst year ever. I do not believe that though.  Despite all of the above annoyance; God remained faithful. His grace and mercy renew me every day, and he pours out his love, and I can receive that. It is hard to see sometimes.


I encourage you…whoever is reading this to join me with this season of trust. Trust God, trust yourself and battle satan with the truth of Gods word. I find myself stopping in the middle of the day, no matter where I am and praying for the strength to trust. I am still here to claim victory for the rest of my days; even when those seasons of darkness show up.  God has good plans for me, and you. Reference Jeremiah 29:11.

It is not his desire to destroy us.

Love & Light


When you have a passion….pursue it.

💚💚 it is not Mental Health Awareness Month. However, this is always a priority for me. Sometimes God has to take you through the storm of life for you to find your purpose and passion.

Do you know what it feels like to be stuck? No motivation, even when you have every need met? Do you understand the feeling of despair, and a constant cycle of the same pain? Do you depend on someone/anybody to complete you, because you can’t figure out how to complete yourself? Does it feel like a weight is on your chest? Sadness walks in the room randomly? Will you ever measure up to society standards? Do you have to? Do you love yourself wholeheartedly—imperfections and all?

Be careful how you stereotype others that you can’t understand & be thankful it is not your struggle. The mind is powerful. The mind can break or make you. I have 170 hrs of clinical time to finish before being able to officially practice…I’ve worked hard and I’ve suffered from each of these elements. My career will never stop my learning process, as I specialize in new areas. Right now I’m just taking step one. There is help. In ways you can’t imagine. Your beginning can be so different from your ending. 

Love & Light to you all!
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Day 7 Positive Affirmations

I am not afraid.

*The protection of God surrounds me.*

Do not let fear weigh you down.

It is so many people walking around everyday living in some sort of fear of something or the other. When you mention the word “fear” we have this very basic definition. It also is associated with being weak. Fear has a very wide and broad definition, and none of us are excluded from being fearful; we may not all have the same fear. Just speaking from my personal experience; I recall a few years back I was terrified, and I really did not know why? It was the beginning stages of my renewed heart that God was giving me. I did not even realize I had such a tremendous amount of fear.

I read something by Iyanla Vanzant that was perfect for me, and I want to share it with you all before I continue with this post. It is called “Speaking to Self” By Iyanla Vanzant.

When you panic, You do things in fear. The moment you think the thoughts; Speak the words; commit the acts; You know you are our balance and out of control. Yet for some reason, you cannot stop yourself. When it is over, you go into remorse; beating, feeling bad, being sorry. It is important to learn to stop yourself at the panic stage when you sense the fear, panic, desperation welling up in your heart and mind. You must get still and say STOP!  I will not panic. I will not go into fear. I will be still.

To add to this–when she mentions “Be Still” it is a scripture that was given to me 4 years ago, Psalms 46:10. A coworker sent it to me in an IM message. I never forgot that, and every so often God drops it in my spirit to “Be Still.” Especially when I get scared and flustered with my life.

Psalms 23–Is also a great reminder that we are covered and even when it seems dark, we do not walk along.


*God is present and accountable for me.*

Imperative healing points:

  • Do not hide from the fact that you have fear or that it is not there.
  • REALLY concentrate on trusting God, and fearfulness will gradually lose its foothold with you.
  • If you persist, your feelings will eventually fall in line with your faith.
  • Fear, Terror—> all lead to self-sabotage eventually.

In all situations, under every possible circumstance, you can depend on God. Nevertheless, we get still scared, unsure, and things are not going the way we feel they should go. This is the times when we should rebuke the fear, and where it comes from. Yet in times of difficulty we forget that God is there, and some people never know it. Be sure you share this with them 🙂

Be sure when you feel this way you check in with yourself to make sure that you are allowing terror to steal your joy. God is always healing, teaching, and loving us! You just never know how He is going to show up or stand up. God is always on time and in time. Trouble comes to pass not stay.

Thank you again for reading! & again I do apologize for the delay from Day 6 to Day 7. I am trying to get in the habit of consecutively posting my blog challenges. I leave you with some affirmations to add to your list! Fear not.

*Today I am going to live all of life fearless.*

*God can a will help me.*

*I can depend on the life of God in me.*

*I do not have the spirit of fear.*

Have a wonderful evening,

From my heart to yours,




Day 6: Positive Affirmations 

The Healing Flow Of Love Moves Through Me At All Times.

*Love + Prayer= Victory*

*My heart will be a zone of peace*

Honor the tears you carry, if you allow it they wash you and it brings compassion. We need to deliberately change our heart..

When our hear is at peace, it begins to affect all around you- you shine light when your heart is open. So learn to slow down and listen to your heart.

I was taught by a mentor to take 10-15 minutes everyday to attend to my heart. You can bring love and awareness to your heart.

*Notice I keep mentioning the “heart”, I intended to make it repetitive on purpose because I come in contact with alot of broken hearts. I have suffered from a broken heart. Your heart being broken is not avoidable. Avoiding your heart being broken is when the bitterness and denial set in. I hear several times a day how “I don’t care” or “It does not matter”. I do not know if it is because I been in that state  of pain or what.. but I know that it does matter, and you are hurting. No one, especially me wants to feel vulnarable at the hands of another person. I know in my situation I felt humiliated above all. Then I had to face the truth, that I allowed myself to be hurt. However, the heart can be broken by anyone who we love and trust our love with. It does not mean that our heart has to stay bitter and broken. It took someone, self love, and a lot of tuff lessons for me to realize that it is ok to have a broken heart. It will heal, and we get double for our trouble. Gods love taught me how to love properly. Then he sent me a special someone. Hmmmmm, actually God sent me a few people.

Love is truly a skill that can be learned—> Practice love.

In the valley where your heart was broken will no doubt be the place of your greatest harvest. (Think about it)


*God is my rock, unchanging and without error. I will put all my trust in God. His love will heal me and rescue me out of the depths of sorrow.*

Gods Love Verses Human Love

-Human love is limited, Gods love is unlimited.

-Human love is emotional. Gods love is committed.

-Gods love is eternal.

-Human love is selfish.

Love is the greatest commandment. I often wondered why? Love is a hard thing to do in the flesh; it is truly a fruit of the spirit. I decided to do my affirmation today on love because especially during these difficult time, the world needs a reminder of love.


*God says I am lovable.*

*God loves me consistently.*

*God loves me unconditionaly.*

*I give love to others in abundance.*

Every single person on earth wants and needs love. God is love. If we did not need it then it would mean God is void. It would mean that we didn’t need him.Nothing is further from the truth. Love picks you up, it feels good and it inspires you. I highly recommend you study love in your Bible.

I leave you this evening with load of love and loving thoughts, may the rest of your week be full of Blessings!

Thank you for reading,

Love & Light Always,❤️❤️


Day 5: Positive Affirmations

Stretch Your Faith, Believe In Something Bigger.

–Start carrying yourself as ROYALTY.

*I shall not fall off the path of my journey.*

*I am not less than anyone else.*

We are not obligated to discuss our mission, vision, journey, destiny or any other purpose that we feel that God has placed before us with anyone. It is your choice if you choose to, but it is not a requirement.

How you are growing, learning, Gods blessings, and new dimensions of your life will be quite obvious ( even if the naysayers refuse to acknowledge you). Revealing your growth is not part of our mission, responsibility, or assignment to satisfy other people. Nor are we put here on earth to please man.

*Obviously, I am not trying to win the approval of people but God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ servant. Galatians 1:10—> Now that comes straight from the Word of God.

Now we all have people in our lives that we want to make happy and proud, and there is nothing wrong with that. The danger comes in when we live for the acceptance of people. When we can not make a decision or movement without acceptance from people. God has already approved and accepted us. We will never be “enough” for other humans. That is the reason Galatians 1:10 is a very important reminder. That scripture began sculpting me into a better head space. When we understand what this scripture is saying, we will really begin to soar.

Remember to include affirmations that include taking care of your self.  It took me awhile to truly become a believer in taking care of myself first. If I am not okay, then I am even useless to my children. Take time to be alone. Take time to do what you love. Rest. Play. Shower yourself with support, gifts, and affection. I am not afraid to be unavailable and say no or maybe later. People who love and respect you will understand that, because they also do the same☺️.


*I have a life that I am free to live–peaceful, and full of joy.*

It is freedom in choosing to live your life, but also remember to accept your current situation as it is. Rather your situation is stressful right now or stress free. God can shift our circumstances in the blink of an eye. When we affirm how we want life to go we began to accept our lives and choices unapologetic, and it is blessed by God because it is a life full of purpose. Life will try to push you down and steal your sense of worth. We will have friends, family, coworkers, or just random associates questioning everything they do not understand about what our vision is. They may not see us as qualified, or educated enough.  Gods freedom is knowing their approval is not needed. Ever.


*I will do great thinkgs with my life, and will never take negativity personal*

*God has new things on the Horizon of my life.*

Love and appreciate the people who support you. Love your haters even more, and keep them in your daily prayers. I leave you this eveining with these powerful affirmations:

*I am valuable. I am free. I am redeemed.*

*I am approved. I am prepared. I am qualified.*

Per usual I hope you are declaring everyday, writing these down and adding to them according to your dreams and desires.


Love & Light,❣



Day 4 Positive Affirmations

Let Our  Words Affirm, & Line Up With Gods Truth.

*It is impossible for me to be separated from Christ love.*

*I will dismiss self-judgment and shame when it comes up.*

Affirmations according to His ( God) words means our lives will be in accordance to:

His promise

Speaking words of love

Encouragement of others

Words of Healing

Strength Provision



Hope for the future

We all have the capability to speak to other people words that brings blessing to their life. Sometimes the only blessing that a person my hear may come from you. The Holy spirit will drop a word in us to share, and we have the power to change a persons life with a spoken word. Sometimes I feel it is our duty.  You may very well be the blessing in some ones life today.

*The Grace of God is greater than our sin or any others problem that we may have.*

There is healing in the word of God. The Bible was my turning point because it taught me how God loves me and that I have so many reasons for my time here on earth. No matter all the negativity that occurred in my life. I am still currently being molded at the exact right time. The word of God help me develop my affirmations. The Bible speaks the truth to us, so it became easy to declare and speak my vision into existence. FYI: Gods words can never be void and HE is the truth.

I recommend if you are struggling with affirmation and “feeling” what you are saying; start by–

  • Praying
  • Reading your Bible.

–as you pray ask for understanding of the word. Sometimes the Bible can be hard to understand. Find a Bible that suits your understanding. Some example are: KJV, NKJV, NLT, NIV, & The Message. There are plenty more versions. I personally study from them all and prayed along the way for God to minister to my heart. It seem to work out perfect. We all have to build our own relationship with God, so that we can feel deep down inside exactly that love that will heal us forever. Remember—> AFFIRM IT!

*Gods love is enough to cover all four past failures.*

*God will make us strong, He will be our fortress.*

A lot of people fail to understand that Gods truth is our only truth, the rest of what we believe and accept ( the negativity) comes from satan, and the people he uses as pawns to bring us down. It is time to tear down the walls of never feeling like enough.

So I leave you this evening with more affirmations..hopefully this increases your list 🙂 Have a wonderful Friday evening and a fulfilling weekend full of rest.

*God gives me the promise of Peace in the midst of the storm.*

*Love will always conquer fear.*


From my ❤️ heart to yours,



Day 3 Positive Affirmations

I Am Going To Live All Of Life

*I have courage, I am living in a new state of being.*

*Today my thoughts are ordered*

Life is such a gift. Life is not easy, but it is a gift. When we hit turbulent times in our life we often forget how to actually live and not just exist. The enemy hits us with a sucker punch, we get dazed. we begin to doubt, and fear may even set in. My first defense use to be to retreat. Hide until the storm passed; hoping it would not consume me. So in other words, I did not actually face the trial and push through it. That makes for a very unhappy state of being, or lack of being. During these tough times we can also work ourselves in such a panic we have forgotten that we are survivors. We have made it through what we thought were the worst days ever. We are still standing.

Even on the days we feel really bad, we have to learn and make a habit of living in the present. Take a few moments. Breath. Pray and exhale! Take it day by day, hour by hour, and honestly I have to take it second by second sometimes. Sometimes my thoughts wander and I feel like I have wasted so much time. It is those times I have to affirm that I am in the correct position and on Gods timing. God has a plan for me and I am not one second too late. All that mess that happened is now gone, and the beauty of it all is He (God) took that mess and used it for great things. Most importantly He gets all the glory and I invite him to use me. I belong to the King. So do you, that is why you have victory. Affirm that!

When dreary days come your way simply stop and ask God to please you thoughts. Ask God to place all the things that are priority to him. We can ask Him to take away every thought, habit, behavior or actions that will send us in a spiral of sadness and pain. Do not be silent about it. There will come times when you have to be. I believe it is a good idea to affirm out loud because you are making all surroundings in the spirit world that you are what God says you are, and satan can not void or fight Gods truth. So if you can…. be loud. God gives us the privilege to respectfully come to Him with the confidence of knowing he can make us whole.

The closer I get to God, and place my all into his hearts desire; I find myself stopping often these days to affirm, pray and repent. I will admit Satan has brought out the big guns, but I no longer have to be afraid. You do not ever have to be afraid. I actually praise even more because I am doing it right! While I was defeated, satan didn’t bother me too much…I was self destructing on my own. God had a surprise for him. My life has a important purpose.

*My God is in control of every situation in my life. I belong to Him, so any thing that comes my way I am strong enough to handle because I have Gods strength. That strength is unstoppable.*

*Darkness must give way to the light.*

Not to be repetitive but this is all a process and you have to be determined. We will not ever dwell on this earth without stumbling, the question is how will you handle it?  You have options.

I challenge you to live every single day free, knowing God always works on your behalf. Affirm your strength, success, healing, and love.

As I leave you this evening with even MORE affirmations to add to your list, I hope that you are writing the affirmations down. I encourage you to add what is applicable in your life. If you can imagine it, you can have it. This evening affirmations–

*Even when I’m hurt, I will trust the process.*

*I think forgiving thoughts. I speak forgiving words, because I am forgive.*

Hope you have a wonderful evening!

Love & Light,





Day 2 Positive Affirmations

No Negativity Zone.

Body and Soul-I am marvelously made! Psalms 139:14

*My life matters.

Negativity is a mental, emotional and spiritual cancer. I spent so many years being negative I did not even realize it was killing me. I was cynical, abrasive and angry. I accepted that being that way was just my personality. I believed that God created me to be as I am! This was only a half-truth. Yes, God created me to be exactly who I am, but there was one very important detail that I could not admit to myself, and I subconsciously overlooked it. I was unhappy. God did not create me to be unhappy.

Living as a negative person for so long I had to learn to let God teach me, mold me, and reshape my entire thought and speaking pattern. Allowing God to work in those areas of my life helped my actions and attitude towards others to change for the better.

As you journey into a new-found space in your life it is wise to fill your head with wonderful thoughts and affirmations.

Let me explain.

Affirmations mold your negative beliefs about yourself and your life. Not to sound cheesy or anything (LOL) but something magical does begin to happen.

Affirmations teach you how to love yourself properly, and go for your goals. You begin to attract other positive loving people your way. I like to put it this way-“Instead of searching for the light, I became the light I was looking for.” All the rest continues to fall into place!

Affirming also helps you develop a much needed attitude of gratitude. We then realized how truly blessed we are. No matter what trials we go through, there is always someone who would love to trade places. We are blessed beyond what we realize most of the time. Just to be able to get up in the morning is a big deal!

You have something to offer the world. Claim it. Believe it. Allow it to manifest.

*I will become everything, I was created to be.

God knows what HE has put in you-the talent, potential, and gifts.

Every day this is a process, I challenged myself to make a habit of powerful speaking every single day.

So I leave you this evening with a few more affirmations to add to your list!

*I trust myself.

*Every situation works out for my good.

King David said it BEST and I feel we should agree and declare right along with him-“I am amazing , I am talented, I am one of a kind, I am a masterpiece!”

Hope you were blessed this evening by this blog! & as usual I pray the very best for you!

From my heart to yours,

Love and Light,